Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oona tries skating while juggling

Oona King

SKATING hopeful Oona King is battling her way through rehearsals after a string of sleepless nights, kept awake by her young baby.

The life peer is worried her lack of shut-eye may hold her back on Sunday’s show.
She tweeted on Monday: “Into bed after excitement of #DOI at 1.30am, baby up at 5.30am, lovely 2 b #holdingthebaby but #shattered.”
A show source said: “Oona is battling tiredness on a daily basis because she is juggling the show with both her career and a young baby.
“It is tough for her but she is determined to keep going.”

Pawtrait by Gaga

Lady Gaga and her pet dog Fozzi

IF AMERICA’S Got Talent lacks cute animal entries for the next series they should get in touch with LADY GAGA.

The star has been teaching her pet labradoodle, Fozzi, to draw.
A source said: “She’s training up her beloved Fozzi to be a artist.
“She’s been attaching pens to his legs and popping him on to paper.
“All of her crew have been treated to a portrait by him.”
When Gaga gets in to something, like walking around carrying her tea cup or running in giant hamster wheels, she really goes to town.
They could have given Fozzi the job for the KATE MIDDLETON portrait – it might have looked less like a dog’s dinner.

ALL the Celebrity Big Brother housemates up for eviction as punishment for Ryan and Razor's shock nominations plot!

"You slithering sneaky little streak", yelled the ladies after Ryan and Razor plotted to nominated the CBB ladies                                                                    
The boys receive a good telling off, BB style

Just when we thought CBB couldn't get more shocking, it turns out that the oh-so-nice Ryan is a SNAKE!
In a shock nominations twist live on this evening's show (which saw Lacey getting the boot - read more on that here), Ryan and Razor were called into the Diary Room by Big Brother.
As the TV flicked on in the living room, the housemates thought they were about to watch their favourite lads do some sort of task. But they were wrong.
Big Brother proceeded to read a conversation Ryan and Razor had this morning - all about nominations.
Throwing all of the rules out of the window during this secret chat in the garden, Big Brother revealed that Razor told Ryan: "If you wan to last until the end, vote the girls."
And we thought he was a gentleman! At this point, the housemates in the living room looked shocked - covering their mouths as they willed the conversation to stop. But it didn't.
Agreeing with his pal, Ryan said: "If Speidi stay tonight, the public want them in. They wont win, but the public want them. So don't waste it, put it elsewhere."
And Razor concluded: "We're not allowed to talk about voting. But the girls are not voting for each other."
It's odd how the only real rule on CBB is not to talk about nominations, yet they ALL bloody do it, isn't it? Is it the effect of the house or their small brains?
Razor and Ryan in the Diary Room
Hearing it back, Ryan and Razor realised how bad it sounded
Razor and Ryan in the Diary Room
Razor tries the classic six year old boy trick of staring at the wall in the hope everything will go away and be fine
After BB had reported the conversation back to the boys, Ryan and Razor were told that they would be up for nomination as a result.
Giggling, Razor said "Fair enough", while Ryan agreed "Yeah, that's fine".
But Big Brother wasn't finished. The ominous voice added: "As punishment, ALL of the housemates will be up for eviction."
At this point, Ryan and Razor started laughing even more, falling apart like a couple of schoolboys in detention.
Razor and Ryan in the Diary Room
Cracking up, the chaps struggled to take their punishment seriously
Razor chuckled: "We're not that clever - this wasn't meant to be nasty, but thank you for reminding us of the rules.
"We apologise to our fellow housemates, we weren't ganging up were we?"
Looking very sheepish indeed, Ryan said: "We were just thinking out loud. We're sorry!"
Returning to the house to the sound of boos, Frankie shouted: "I was p***ing myself laughing!"
Lacey Banghard
Lacey was kicked out earlier in the show
However, the ladies were not amused. "I'm a little offended", said Heidi, forgetting she's not actually one of the ladies (being teamed with hubby Spencer). And as Gillian shook her head and said "I've got to find a dress now", Tricia rounded on Razor and yelled: "You slithering sneaky little streak of p***!"
If they Ryan and Razor were laughing before, they weren't after that. Good luck sleeping tonight, boys.

10 million burgers cleared from shelves as it's feared we may have been eating horse meat for YEARS

The meat industry revealed that until recently there had been no tests available for equine DNA in the UK or Ireland, as we are not horse eaters
Off the menu: 10 million burgers cleared from shelves

More than 10 million beefburgers have been cleared from supermarket shelves over the horse meat scandal – as fears last night grew that the contaminated food has been sold to shoppers for years.
Silvercrest – the Irish firm at the centre of the probe that found a sample from Tesco’s budget brand Everyday Value was 29% horse meat – admitted it has never checked supplies for “equine DNA”.
As shock and revulsion spread across Britain, there were concerns that the industry’s failure to test routinely for horse meat in supermarket beef products may have masked a tainted burger controversy over several years.
The meat industry revealed that until recently there had been no tests available for equine DNA in the UK or Ireland, as we are not horse eaters.
But yesterday it was revealed contaminated products were left on the shelves for two months after the Food Standards Agency of Ireland failed to inform retailers of their findings until this week.
The FSAI admitted that it knew traces of horse meat were in burgers two months ago after carrying out the first ever routine horse DNA tests on 27 supermarket own brands.
Its table of test results acquired last November showed some of the contaminated burgers had a shelf life of at least a year – and up to 18 months. That raised yet more concerns about how long horse meat burgers have been on sale.
Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University said yesterday: “It could have been going on for years but we wouldn’t know about it because we have never conducted tests. For too long we have had light touch regulation.”
A general view of Silvercrest Foods at Ballybay, County Monaghan in Ireland
Plant: Silvercrest Foods at Ballybay, County Monaghan in Ireland
Labour MP Barry Gardiner, a member of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee, said: “People who have been eating this food for the past year have a right to feel angry and upset and the firms should be held to account. If ever there was a case for heads to roll, this is it.”
Silvercrest-supplied Burger King, the world’s second biggest fast food chain, issued a statement saying it was confident it had not been affected.
But a Silvercrest Foods spokesman told the Mirror: “No one in the meat processing industry checks for equine products.
"The suppliers and processes are EU-approved, so they have gone through a checking procedure.”
The shocking admission that there were no safeguards in place for DNA checks across its supply chain forced Asda, Sainsbury’s and the Co-op to scrap a total of 22 own-label burger ranges yesterday, as Silvercrest and sister firm Dalepak also make their beef patties.
All three chains stressed the move was “precautionary” and no products were directly affected.
Asda said: “We take matters like this extremely seriously, despite the fact we aren’t implicated in this report.”
The Co-op echoed that and Sainsbury’s said: “All our burgers are made from 100% British beef but as a precautionary measure we are withdrawing those sourced from Dalepak.”
Tesco cleared its shelves earlier this week as it emerged watchdogs knew of a problem as early as November.
More than a third of frozen burgers were found to contain horse DNA during the IFSA’s initial tests two months ago.
Budget burgers from Tesco and patties from Iceland, Aldi, Lidl and Dunnes Stores tested positive.
But the ISFA’s own procedures meant three more tests had to be carried out to verify its findings before its results were made public on Monday and shelves cleared.
It said new testing methods allowed it to check randomly for horse DNA – and admitted it was a “massive coincidence” that its first ever probe revealed 10 out of 27 products were contaminated, one with 29% horse meat.

Off the menu: 10 million burgers cleared from shelves

Lotto rotters: National Lottery tickets to DOUBLE ticket price to £2

Operators Camelot claimed the increase to £2 for a single line of numbers from this autumn will help it create more winners
Strike a pose: Holly Valance promote Camelot

The dream of winning the Lotto slipped further from the grasp of millions of punters yesterday – as it was announced that the price of a ticket is to double.
Operators Camelot claimed the increase to £2 for a single line of numbers from this autumn will help it create more winners.
The firm pointed out it is the first rise since the game was launched in 1994 and the extra revenue will mean more cash for worthy charities.
But, as usual, the people who lose out will be the poorest – the ones who need a win more than most.
Many will be forced to cut down on their weekly flutter, while others who regularly use multiple lines will struggle to keep them going – afraid that the week they stop their lucky numbers will come up.
Last night the increase brought a deluge of complaints, with more than 1,000 punters venting their fury on the National Lottery Facebook page.
Many slammed the increase as “greed” and others threatened to boycott the game.
Geordie Mick said: “It’s becoming a game for the rich. Poor people will never have a chance of bettering ourselves now.”
Pauline Leather added: “As a pensioner on a budget I can’t afford to be paying £2 a line. You’ve just lost a customer and should hang your heads in shame.”
Another disgruntled player asked: “How can they do this at a time when everyone is skint? Have they never heard of the recession?”
It is understood there are no plans so far to increase the price of £2 EuroMillions tickets. But the Lotto increase will deliver a huge windfall for the Government.
The Treasury raked in £783million last year from a little known 12% duty on all National Lottery ticket sales – and that figure will soar.
The regulator which approved the huge increase yesterday claimed it was not “unreasonable”.
A spokeswoman for the Lottery Commission said simply: “If players don’t want to pay the £2, there are other lottery games that still cost £1.”
The increase means a player who buys one line of numbers, once a week, will have to find another £52 a year.
But someone who buys two lines for both Wednesday and Saturday night draws will see their yearly outlay double to £416.
Camelot, now owned by a Canadian teachers’ pension fund, claimed the “exciting” changes were in response to market research.
It said people were demanding wanted more ways to win money and a new prize structure. As a result, from the autumn, smaller winners will be paid more.
The guaranteed amount for matching three numbers will rise from £10 to £25.
For four numbers, the figure will go up from around £60 to £100, depending on the total size of the prize pot.
The jackpot for matching all six balls will also rise from around £4.1million to £5million on a typical Saturday and from around £2.2million to £2.5million on the mid week game.

Kylie lands a Warhol role

Kylie Minogue

POP princess Kylie Minogue is going back to acting – after winning a role in new Andy Warhol drama Hey Diddly Dee.

Kylie will appear in the Sky Arts 1 HD project, written by Marc Warren as part of their Playhouse Presents... series, which airs from March.
She said: “When the script was sent to me, I knew instinctively I wanted to be part of this project. Marc has created a beautiful, quirky story.”
The news comes after Kylie split with manager Terry Blamey amid reports she was quitting music for acting.
But she has since denied it’s the end of her singing career.
Kathy Burke, Anna Friel, Rebecca Front, Mathew Horne, Suranne Jones, Vanessa Redgrave and Johnny Vegas also appear in the series.

Gentleman Jim’s blockbuster blast

Jennifer O'Brien meets film director Jim Sheridan

HE may have been at the launch of an event on digital film-making techniques — but director Jim Sheridan reckons big-budget films these days are “rubbish”.

Oscar winner Sheridan feels the simple art of story telling is getting swallowed up in special effects.
The charismatic director is hoping to start work on a new film, detailing his life growing up on Dublin’s tough Sheriff Street later this year.
And although he’d like Daniel Day Lewis to star, playing a 17-year-old Jim “might be a stretch, even for him,” he laughed.
He even gave yours truly a screen test — I’m still waiting for the call, Jim! The veteran director is headed for the IFTAS this year, and praying organisers make it a shorter night out all around.
He grimaced: “They are doing great work, but it’s far too long.”
And as someone who spends hours on the red carpet each year, I wholeheartedly agree. Less is more, IFTA!